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{text} Good luck with the party tonight.

[text] You’re not coming? 

@Timelord_Cal  Don’t be that guy who ruins the surprise. #whatsyoursin? #kennedys18th


Well it was more of a run. I decided i needed to start getting in shape for tennis again. And since we were going slow, we went longer.


[Nodding, Ruby led him up the stairs to her room opening the door and watching as Boe popped up as he saw Calvin.] He kind of missed you. [Moving over to the closet, Ruby found a sleeping Obi in a pile of clothes and picked him like a baby bringing him out and setting him on the floor as she sat down.] So, this is Obi. 

[Cal didn’t realize how much he had missed Boe until he saw the dog, and his eyes practically lit up. He met the dog on the ground and played around, making him roll by doing it himself and betting him. When Ruby brought Obi over, Cal gave his attention to the new dog, but it didn’t stop Boe from sniffing around Cal frantically] He was sleeping you didn’t have to wake him up [Cal pet the dog behind his ear with a smile] How’s he adjusting here? How’s Boe adjusting with him? 


I didn’t know who to call about walking with me and the dogs already had a walk today too.


Yeah of course. I’m not going to keep him from you, i mean he was part your dog too you know? [Pausing inside the house she looked at him curiously not sure if it was weird for him to be in her house, let alone even want to go up to her room.] Um, do you want to wait here or…..

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a dog who got sick of walks. 

O-oh you meant, come up, yeah, no I’ll follow you up there. Let’s go. 


Its okay. My fault for wandering around in the dark you know?


Oh yeah, [Doubling back she crossed her yard and opened her front door.] Do you want any cake? Matilda and I made it today. Or do you just want me to get Obi?

Yeah, you shouldn’t do that maybe. 

[He followed her, feeling pretty weird, back to being around each other but not together] Can I see Boe too? I’m not hungry though. 


Oh! Sorry, you spooked me. I didn’t think anyone was out here. image

 You were? I’m sorry.. I just wanted some fresh air so I decided to take a walk. What’s up?

Sorry, didn’t mean to do that. 

Nothing, remember I said I’d come over tonight around 10 and…yeah, so I was just doing that. 



H-hi I was just coming to see you. 

campbell saunders in every episode: walking on broken glass part 1 & 2


I think I’ll do that. Try to sleep this off afterwards— Maybe it’ll help me forget about everything for a while. You can leave if you’d like. No point in sticking around, but I do appreciate you coming when I needed you. Remember this when you’re questioning yourself next time. [She stood up and squeezed Cal’s shoulder]


Tonight is the night I’m sorry for a lot of things. I’ll be down in a bit, but if you’re not here, call me later, okay?

I’ll be here. Take your time.