Calvin James || 18 || Senior


I don’t think anyone likes working out ever, so the cold just makes it even more unbearable than usual. Or your fanclub could’ve just taken a day off to rest their minds. [She held his side for a few seconds more, but pulled away with her hand knocking against his] I give you credit for even going. I’ve been entirely too lazy this week, and I fear it is starting to show. So promise me you won’t run once the cankles make an appearance. 


Come on, don’t be crazy, you look perfect and if you don’t know it, I know it. So did you have something in mind to do or did you just wanna hang out and do nothing? 


[Tugging on her shirt, Kennedy opened the door right after the first knock and leaned with her head against the side] Hey yourself. [She stepped back to let him in] How was the gym?


[Cal walked into Kennedy’s place and greeted her with a hug before stepping back with a smile] Hey. You look nice. [He shrugged] I was gym like, I was completely alone and that almost never happens. Maybe people don’t like working out when it gets colder. 

[Hair still wet, a beanie on to cover most of it, and dressed in track pants and a pullover hoodie, Cal knocked on Kennedy’s door and waited for an answer from the brunette] Hey

iturntogod: [text] You.. Okay, I'll see you then.

[text] See you soon :) 

iturntogod: [text] Ding ding. [text] Come over when you're done?

[text] Sure, after I shower, okay? 

iturntogod: [text] I hope you have your permit with you.

[text] I was gonna say what, then I thought about it [text] THE GUNS!

iturntogod: [text] Eating grapes and debating what to do this glorious Sunday afternoon. You?

[text] Working out in the weight room

iturntogod: [text] We should send her a gift basket for finally cluing us in.

[text] :D What are you doing? 

iturntogod: [text] I can't explain it, things just seem better. It could be in my head, and I'm in a great mood, but I wanted to share how I was feeling.

[text] No! I know what you mean, I feel the same way about it. [text] Taylor knows before I do now, she’s that good. 

iturntogod: [text] To quote a certain blonde, I think we're out of the woods.

[text] ?

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