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like riding a bike || penn and cal


This is why we’re better as a team. I cover your ass, you cover mine. {He tried to figure out how Cal had done that trick, but it hurt his head so he returned his focus to trying to steer. Leaning too far, he tripped off the board, but caught himself before he fell over completely} It was one dinner, mom. I’ve been rolling in tips anyway, it’s fine. You are the favourite to win… that’s pretty cool. Ruby’s got her own way of handling things, yeah. She didn’t talk for ages after her mom died. Still, I’m glad you guys aren’t being dumb about it like we were. {Trying to go a little faster this time, he managed to turn past Cal, but tripped off again} It was on a train last year, we’re gonna need to send a party shuttle to space to top that. There’s probably abandoned houses in the woods. That’d be creepy.


Whoa there, if you’re just turning and stuff you don’t have to make your movements so pronounced, you need that kind of power when you’re popping your board up, not when you’re turning a corner, and shut up I don’t know how to save money so I’m just playing it safe. [He pushed Penn”s shoulder slightly] Really? Yeah I’m just glad she’s okay for the most part. Yeah I got all motion sick from that thing, so no moving locations. Of course I’ll see if we can find one. I can’t wait for Halloween, me and Harlow are gonna watch so many horror movies. And you when you’re not being a scardy cat. My friend, I think you’re ready to tic tac. 

rubyredstratford: [text]: Okay :) I guess that I'll see you tomorrow then?

[text] Yeah I’ll see you tomorrow. Goodnight. 

rubyredstratford: [text]: You kind of got short is all.

[text] I guess it was just a short answer I dunno


Then you’d hate it. I think The Office is hilarious.


It’d probably think it was funnier if I was smarter. 

rubyredstratford: [text]: Are you mad?

[text] No, what? Mad about what? 

rubyredstratford: [text]: Okay. Just the concert or dinner too? [text]: I saved some too! And made a credit card payment :)

[text] Dinner if you want dinner. 


Then you probably wouldn’t like it.


Probably not, everytime I watch the office I only laugh like once, max. 

rubyredstratford: [text]: Are you sure? [text]: Okay :(

[text] Yeah I said yes. [text] Saving money is better that’s all 


Yeah, good point. It’s alright. Not as entertaining as Doctor Who. It’s really dry, typical British humor which I love though.


Most dry humor goes over my head

rubyredstratford: [text]: I wouldn't ask him to go. Did you want to go with me? [text]: I saw it and thought of you :) I'm glad you love it though!

[text] Oh yeah, sure. [text] No more buying me stuff for a while though.

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